Monday, November 16, 2009

Response to Boyd and Bennett

      Boyd and Bennett both agreed that there is a problem in the way younger generations view politics and social change. They don't really care and if they are involved, it is for personal, selfish reasons to make themselve feel and look good to other people and/or build popularity.

     Where Boyd and Bennett disagree is the method of using SNS's and other digital technology to promote political action and social change involvement. Bennett believes that this is a useful method because it is relevent to the time and would make more sense to young people, come across as more interesting, and maybe even be compelling. Boyd thinks that this would be an ineffective method because of what young people use SNS's and digital technology for. According to Boyd, they are used primarily for social and comedial use. People want to connect with friends, gossip, and watch embarassing videos. Because of the mindset and tone associated with this kind of technology, young people are less likely to use these same sources for serious matters.

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