Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teaching is the Best Way to Learn

I feel like the best way to learn and retain knowledge is to do the research yourself and attempt to present it or teach it. I've learned so much about anti-Semitism from doing this project, having to research and then apply what I've found to blog posts, forums, and media sources. I honestly don't think I would have absorbed any of this information if it were just presented to me. The application part of the research kind of forces you to really understand everything your reading and remember it. Thats how this project have been for me. Particularly, reading all the statistics. The statistics I found concerning anti-Semitism were sometimes helpful, sometimes alarming. They left a lot of room for analysis and opened up space for discussion. For example, 19.5% of uneducated Americans are anti-Semitic.I wrote an entire blog on this one statistic because so much can be drawn from it.

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