Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Important Tips

  1. Articles should be relatively self-sufficient so that travellers can print them out, put in their back pocket, and use for travelling around. At the same time, articles should not be so long that they're impossible to read, print, or use. This is an important thing to consider throughout the whole article writing process. Articles should be long enough that they provide the necessary information, but can't be so long to the point where they are impractical for users.
  2. The "How to" for listings. Categorizing is crucial for these kinds of articles. They make it easier for readers to find specific information instead of just trying to scan and sift through stuff. This "How to" section teachers writers how to make listings to organize information.
  3. Avoid 1st person pronouns. These are articles, not editorials or customer reviews. Its important to avoid personal pronouns to not make the article about you and devote it to unbiased, as-true-as-possible information.

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