Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Response to Palmquist

There are many specific things to consider while setting up a website, aside from considering your purpose, audience, design, and style. Theres decisions to make involving what methods are best to present certain information, such as whether to use a pop-out window and when to use digital illustrations. Theres also the organizational structure to consider: linear, heirarchical, or interlinked? Its also very important to consider the aesthetics of the page. Its should be consistent and simple, not using too many graphics, audio, video, or flash objects. Having too much can be distracting and annoying to viewers.

A good website I found is:
Its follows the checklist Palmquist provided to the tee. The organizational structure seems to be interlinked and the aesthetics of the page are fantastic. Just the right amount.

A bad website I found is:
Its obvious why this is horrible. Theres seems to be no organizational structure; its just a mesh of things lumped together using overwhelming colors and images.The individual articles are squished together and hard to read. Its terrible!

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