Monday, September 21, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Idea

I wanted to do something along the lines of finding humor in and focusing on the small things in life, with the saying "small things amuse small minds" as inspiration. I then narrowed it down to only the humor found in things that aren't meant to be humorous. I further narrowed it by focusing on humorous mistakes found in written language. This could be anything from typos in books, bad word choices in advertisement, really stupid facebook statuses, or even a light bulb going out on a store sign causing it to look like it spells out something that it doesn't.

My audience is really anyone with a sense of humor. People who take life too seriously are not going to be my target. I'm not planning on worrying about offending people with my posts. I think mistakes are funny; a lot of people think mistakes are funny. I find that when I laugh at my own mistakes, its easier to get past them.

Since it is aimed to be a humorous blog, I plan to make the layout pretty light. I may have a little bit of graphics but since I'll be having photos in my posts, it'll be kept pretty simple mostly so it won't be overwhelming to look at. It's going to be mostly pictures and commentary.

Some title ideas: WordSearch, Typo-ology, The Red Pen...

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