Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never Assume...

In coming up with the description for my blog ("Your source for 'word fails'") I assumed that people would know what the blog entailed. I assumed the they were familar with the common lingo term "fail" and would know what a word fail was. But I had a lot of people ask me what my description meant and didn't think it was a clear what my blog was about. I was shocked by how many people had never heard the term and weren't familar with sites like FML or FailBlog. I guess I shouldn't assume, just because my circle of friends is familar with something, that it is common knowledge. "Fail" is a word that is used daily among my friends and we've all spent endless hours on FML and FailBlog. But the truth is, that's not everyone.
I fixed this problem on my blog by adding a definition of the term "word fail" on the sidebar on the top just below the title and description. I didn't want to change my description because I liked how it was a quick, catchy, one-liner. I hope the definition suffices to clear things up.

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