Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Response to Stefanac

I found Stefanac's chapter on "Blogs as Clubhouses" to be very helpful. His introduction about the origins of words that were used to insult blogs was a little of a stretch, but his advise and insight about what it means to be an enthusiast blogger and how to do it well to be very helpful seeing as I'll be writing an enthusiast blog of my own soon.

Reading some of "Mr. Jalopy's" posts was helpful, too. Though I don't have much interest in his topic of automobiles, I still enjoyed his posts for the simple fact that its just good writing. He gave a good tip about building fans and getting your blog out there:
"If I were to sell a Nikon D70 camera, I would never get a search hit because there are many sites that mention (and sell) the D70. Now, If I were to sell something more obscure, I would get a fair share of search traffic and Hooptyrides would appear on the front page."
That's a brilliant point. I'll keep that in mind when I'm setting up and writing my blog.

I also found it interesting how people blog about pretty much anything and can gain popularity. I can't believe that theirs a well-know blog devoted to secular Jewish music. I'd be interested in finding out how the author managed to pick up fans.

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