Monday, September 14, 2009

Response to Rebecca Blood

In response to Rebecca Blood's blog post about the history of weblogs, I would first like to point out that I learned the origin of the term "blog" and find it interesting that it stemmed from blogger's coined term "wee-blog" and was then shortened to "blog", probably due to the "telephone"effect where words evolve as they are pasted from one person to the next.

I can't say that I'm very surprised by how quickly the concept and use of blogs spread. Editorials have existed , whether verbal or in print, since the idea of local, national, or global news was intoduced and people always have opinions. The internet and use of blogs allow people to write editorials, express their opinions, or just express their individuality to a wider audience in such a creative and convient way.

Its interesting how the definition of what a blog is has changed recently, mainly because of its increase in popularity and evolution. Blood said, "the influx of blogs has changed the definition of weblog from 'a list of links with commentary and personal asides' to 'a website that is updated frequently, with new material posted at the top of the page'." I was not even aware of the first definition. By the time blogs reached my awareness, they had already taken on the reputation of the second definition. Though I have seen blogs that list links with commentary, I do not consider that to be the only kind of blog. In fact, when I think of blogs, I think of people's online journals where they tell stories and express their thoughts and opinions about pretty much anything.

I personally, don't have all too much experience with blogging, though I do have a little. When I was in 9th grade, I started a creative writing blog where I posted poetry or short stories, but only made a couple posts and wasn't able to aquire an audience. On facebook, before the outburst of survey's through the use of the "note" application, I posted a few in-depth editorial about certain issues and did recieve a lot of responses from different people which trailed to in-personal discussions. That was pretty awesome. After reading Rebecca's blog, and reading about her experience and what shes learned and the skills shes obtained, I feel inspired to start a blog of my own. I even feel compelled to read other people's blogs for further inspiration and to expand my knowledge about people.

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